Program Overview

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Plenary Speech

Topic: Assistive Technology and the World Health Assembly Resolution


WHO representative 

Topic: Rehabilitation Robotics: The MIT Experience


Capitalizing on the new understanding of brain plasticity, we introduced a paradigm shift in clinical practice in 1989 when we initiated the development of the MIT-Manus robot for neuro-rehabilitation and deployed it into the clinic . Since then we collected evidence to support the potential of enhancing and augmenting recovery following a stroke, first during the sub-acute and then the chronic phase.  Our efforts and that of others led to the endorsements starting in 2010 from the American Heart Association, the American Stroke Association, and the Veterans Administration for the use of rehabilitation robots for the Upper Extremity, but not yet for the Lower Extremity. AHA recommendations were the same in the 2016 revision. Furthermore it was demonstrated in the VA system that upper extremity robotic therapy has an economic advantage over manual therapy. This result is of particular interest to socialized medicine and we are presently conducting a pragmatic study RATULS under the auspices of the National Health Service of the United Kingdom and its NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme, which completed enrollment of its 770 stroke patients (results to be presented in Kobe, Japan 2019). Thus, we have developed novel robotic treatment and evaluation tools and have managed to collect the experimental evidence that demonstrates the unequivocal therapeutic benefits stemming from robot-aided rehabilitation for the upper extremity. Presently, we are focusing our efforts on understanding how to achieve similar post-stroke impact in lower extremity robotics. This talk will present an overview of our past rehabilitation robotics efforts for the upper extremity and more recent efforts concentrating on the lower extremity.

Prof. Hermano Igo Krebs

Professor at MIT, USA

Topic: The clinical application prospects of rehabilitation robot

Dr. Jianan Li

Immediate Past President of ISPRM

Topic: About Cyborgs and the Cybathlon

Prof. Robert Riener, Dr.-Ing.

Professor at ETH and University of Zurich

Topic: Biomechanical research on rehabilitation and its application ​​

Prof. Yubo FAN

Changjiang Scholar